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Babies & Preschoolers

Babies and preschoolers are lovingly cared for by a team of volunteers and paid staff. The children enjoy age-appropriate activities centered on classic Bible stories.

  • Infants – Room #100

  • Walkers and 2s – Room #102

  • 3s and Pre-K – Room #104


Children are divided into two age groups. They learn the stories of the Bible by engaging in fun activities while forming lasting friendships with other children and their adult leaders.

  • K – 2nd Grade – Room #112

  • 3rd - 5th Grade- Room #110


Youth classes are divided into Middle School and High School.

  • 6th – 8th Grades – Room #111

  • 9th – 12th Grades – Harriss Youth House


Seekers Class

This class, which is open to women of all ages, meets in

Room #225 and is taught by class members.

They usually study a book of the Bible.

Wesley Class

This class for more mature ladies (50s+) meets in Room #233 and is led by a rotating team of teachers using the International Bible Lessons curriculum. They enjoy discussing topics that Christians face in the world today.

Lucile Hunter Class

This class of mature ladies (80+) meets in Room #235. A rotating team of teachers (male and female) leads the class using the International Bible Lessons curriculum.


Genesis - A New Beginning

This class is for younger adults (20s - 40s), led by Nita Gregory Hill, uses a variety of curricula and meets in Room #230. The class has recently been focusing on using scripture to explore topical studies.

Asbury Fellowship Class

Members of this class range in age (30s to 60s) and they uses mostly video-based curriculum (i.e., Adam Hamilton or Max Lucado). Discussion is led by class members and they meet in Room #227.

Timothy Class

This class enjoys discussing devotional books they have read and how the topics relate to real life. Class members (age 30s to 50s) meet in Room #231.

Something More Class

This class enjoys discussion and uses a variety of studies, including the International Bible Lessons curriculum and various studies, i.e., Adam Hamilton. Members (age 40s to 70s) meet in Room #228.

Biddle Class

Members of this class (age 55+) meet in Room #221/223. They enjoy fellowship and discussion, using a combination of International Bible Lessons and video studies led by class members.

Friends In Christ Class

Members of this class (age 55+) enjoy discussion led by a class member using a variety of curriculum, including books and videos.

Parker Class

This class is made up of older adults (age 70+) and meets in the Parker Chapel (Room #234), which houses the beautiful altar, pews, and other furnishings from Steele Street Methodist Church. It’s a beautiful setting in which to learn about God! The class uses the International Bible Lessons and has a team of teachers.


Moffitt-Hoyle- Jones Bible Class

This is a class for men of all ages. They begin their session by singing favorite hymns and lessons are taught by a rotating team of teachers using the International Bible Lessons curriculum.

The class meets in Room #222/224.

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