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New Journey Groups will be available during the Season of Lent.

We hope you will consider how to

connect through these opportunities

for learning and fellowship, and

grow in your relationship with God

and others. Small groups are a great

way to get to know people you may

not know very well. Small groups also

provide a safe space to share concerns and joys with a more familiar group of people. We would love to have you join a small group!

Journey Groups include:

  1. “Mama Meetup” is for moms with children elementary-age and younger. "Mama Meetup" is a casual gathering of moms, which includes a short devotion, and plenty of time for great conversation and social connection. This new small group meets at the church on Sunday afternoons from 4:05-4:55 pm. The leader is Shanna Kelly.

  2. Lenten Journey Groups will begin the week of February 18, 2024. More details will be available later.

AND ...


Our Wednesday Night Live ministry will resume January 17, 2024 with a special series featuring episodes from the TV show Mayberry. This is a four-week series available from January 17 - February 7. Each episode is separate, so join us when you can!

It will be an exciting new season in 2024!


Questions? Contact Rev. Charlotte Brendel

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