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January 18 - February 15, 2023

"6 Decisions That Will Change Your Life" by Tom Berlin is led by Rev. Charlotte Brendel. Our busy lives are filled with decisions, but are they the important decisions? In this simple, inspiring series, UMC Bishop Tom Berlin helps us discern six key decisions in our walk with Christ:

  1. The Decision to Follow

  2. The Decision for A New Life

  3. The Decision to Mature

  4. The Decision to Respond

  5. The Decision to Persevere

  6. The Decision to Surrender

With the Eyes of Our Hearts Enlightened is a new series created by our pastor, Rev. Eddie Hill. Participants will explore spiritual treasures located within our own church or on the church grounds, seeking to see things with the "eyes of our heart enlightened." 

The Chosen: Season 1 is led by Beverly Suitt. What does it mean to be chosen? Being chosen by Jesus has beautiful and far-reaching implications. We are loved because Jesus is love.  We belong to the family of God because Jesus invites us, making the Bible and all its promises as true for us today as it was for God's chosen people. This book study includes a deeper look at Isaiah 43 and its fulfillment in Jesus and the lives of his followers. Participants will use The Chosen app to watch an episode of the TV series each week at home and complete the coordinating lesson in their book. This is a 9-week study and will run January 18 through March 29.

Mayberry Bible Study is a light-hearted, fun series with a spiritual emphasis. It offers stories from the Andy Griffith Show, connecting with Scripture, that have practical applications for daily living. This series will be led by Sanford's local expert on Mayberry, our own Buck Harris! Come join the fun and fellowship and learn what it means to live out your Christian faith in practical ways. Episodes include:

  1. Christmas in Mayberry (Luke 2)

  2. Andy's English Valet (Ephesians 6:7)

  3. Class Reunion (Psalm 85:8)

  4. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs (Matthew 5:7)

  5. The Darlings are Coming (Proverbs 16:3)

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